In Ukraine the first experience of the transfer and use of electric power for the needs of society took place in 1878, when the engineer A.P. Borodin used for lighting of the Kiev railway workshops four electric lamps. At the time of electric networks in the modern sense did not exist and only in 1888 began construction in large cities of Ukraine electric power stations of low power, for the power concentrated small industrial consumers networks simple designs at low generator's voltage.

And now, after 130 years, the efforts of elektroenergetika of Ukraine was established and successfully operated by the national power system of Ukraine, which is on the electrical world map is one of the leading energy associations of the world level. Today there are dozens of powerful nuclear, thermal and hydraulic power plants installed capacity of over 53 million kW annual electricity generation 177 billion kW·h of the national energy system of Ukraine consists of the eight power systems, United in parallel with the help of interconnections with voltage of 330(400)-500-750(800) kV. In 2006 in Ukraine the total length of overhead transmission lines with voltage 0,4-800 kV amounted to more than 1 million km, and the length of cable lines with voltage 0,4-110 kV exceeded 760 thousand km Such electrical networks fed by more than 1500 transforming substations with a voltage of 110-330 kV with the total capacity of more than 175 million kW.

Tremendous amounts of energy economy, input of new generating capacities, the growing pace of advance of construction and development of electrical networks, which require annual inflow in Ukraine's energy sector numerous qualified personnel.

Who provides qualitative supply of consumers? Who brings high responsibility for normal functioning and future development of the energy sector and therefore the country's economy? Who in full must and can implement in the energy sector their knowledge, abilities and skills acquired during the training at the Institute? It is YOU, today's students and freshmen, and after four or six years - qualified bachelors or masters respectively, young specialists, the commanders of energy production.

The scope of your creative efforts and knowledge management technologies, distribution, transmission, transformation, regulation, and consumption of electric energy are endless: from the local electrical network 6-35 kV voltage and regional electric networks with voltage 110-220-330 kV to systemic and system interconnections voltage 500-750 kV. Naturally, received at the Institute of knowledge, you will be able working successfully in the field of the mass low-voltage distribution networks with voltage of 0.4-1 kV.

Graduates acquire the necessary knowledge for work in the field of analysis, planning, control and optimization of operating modes of power systems, use of modern computer technologies in the sphere of transmission and distribution of electric energy in electric networks of different classes of rated voltage, to improve the survivability of United power systems in emergencies, computing solutions support Manager on the basis of expert systems with elements of artificial intelligence.