Main state enterprise where the graduates of  the Department of "Electric networks and systems" is the national Energy Company "Ukrenergo".   "Ukrenergo" is a technological link, uniting producers of electricity - nuclear energy generating companies (NPP), thermal power stations and hydroelectric power plants (HPP) and the regional distribution companies, interacts with the energy systems of neighboring countries, provides export and import of electricity.

the Operational management of the modes of IPS of Ukraine is carried out from eight Central and regional dispatching centers of "Ukrenergo". The specialists of "Ukrenergo" perform calculations of the parameters of the relay protection system and complexes for emergency control, develop technical solutions for the implementation of relay protection, automatics and automated control system of technological processes, carry out calculations and maintenance of electric and energy regimes, development and operation of the automated electricity metering system, are involved in processing future plans for the development of IPS of Ukraine, realization of investment programs of development of the main grid, carrying out emergency response training and personnel training, etc.

Areas of activities:

  • Ensure reliable transmission of electricity from power plants to consumers in electric network with voltage of 220 kV and higher, as well as the exchange of electricity with other countries. 
  • Creating conditions for the effective work of the main and interstate electric networks as part of the infrastructure of the electricity market of Ukraine. 
  • Centralized operative-technological management of the integrated power system of Ukraine with ensuring reliable parallel operation of thermal, nuclear and hydraulic power plants of Ukraine and the parallel operation with the power systems of CIS, Eastern and Central Europe, to prevent violations of modes, system crashes values and liquidation of possible accidents with minimal losses for the state, integrity power system of Ukraine. 
  • Energonadzor and energotehnika in the electricity industry. 
  • Dispatch control of the balance of power and energy to ensure the functioning of the wholesale electricity market.