History of Department

Specialization "Electric systems and networks" (now "Electric systems and networks") is one of the oldest at the faculty of  elektroenergetyki and automation, National technical University "Igor Sikorsky KPI". The first graduates of the Department in the amount of three people took place in 1924.

The founders specialties were Professor G.M. Gorodetsky and professional GL Epstein, who began his teaching activities at the Department since the beginning of the 20-ies and laid the institutional base of the Department of electrical networks and systems in 1921, and officially established the Department was in 1922.

In 1930, was the transition from the subject commissions, which covered large complexes of disciplines, departments, and in the same year there was organized the Department of electrical networks and technique of high tensions that led the students in the amount of one academic group in full-time education. The numerical structure of the Department amounted to 12 people. The organizer and head of the Department became Professor G.M. Gorodetsky (1876-1956 year). In 1930 he was elected the first head of the Department, and in 1936 granted the academic title of Professor. Was Dean of the faculty of electrical engineering in 1938-gg.

Prof. HE Gorodets is a famous scientist. Under his scientific leadership in the early 30-ies of the staff of the Department has conducted scientific research on the properties of the electrical wire from low-carbon steel, which became the basis for creation of domestic range of steel wires.