Employment young specialists is carried out under applications of the enterprises. As a rule, the demand exceeds the number of graduates.
   Organization of process of employment occurs in 11 semester.
   the Main enterprises, which are aimed at young professionals releases 2010 -2012 years:

-         UD PV research Institute of ENERGOMASHPROEKT;

-         SE "Ukrenergo";

-         SE Kyiv aviation plant "Aviant";

-         Kiev shipyard;

-         SE Darnitsky car-repair plant;

-         JSC "Kyivenergo"Energosbyt;

-         LLC "Kyiv energy construction company";

-         JSC Kyiv plant of relay and automatics;

-         SE "Regional electric networks" JSC "Ukrhydroenergo";

-         LLC TELECASTS;

-         JSC "Kyivenergo"Energosbyt;

-         JSC "Kyivenergo" Cable network;

-         JSC "Kievenergo", HPP-6;

-         OLA research Institute " ukrenergosetproekt, the Kyiv branch;

-         AES "Kievoblenergo";

-         the Kiev branch of "CHERNOMORENERGOSPETSMONTAZH";

-         SE "Ukrenergo",  CES;

-         PJSC KeythIvenergo", Energosbyt.

-         JSC Kyivenergo Cable networks;

-         Kyivmiskbud PJSC "Trestletrees", SMU №2;

-         the Institute of electrodynamics of NAS of Ukraine;

-         OLA research Institute of Energomashproect, the Kyiv branch;

-         SE "Ukrenergo";


-         LLC "Gorteploset";

-         SE NPC Ukrenergo Kiev electricity transmission network;

-         ENERGORYNOK;

-         SE Main Department of complex servicing construction of objects of the diplomatic service;

-        JSC Prykarpattyaoblenergo.